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Freedom On My Mind - Reviews

The Washington Post
"...this moving, enlightening documentary on the Mississippi Voter Registration Project conveys the human dimensions of the fight with such a powerful combination of sensitivity and intelligence and pure emotional insight that it seems as if the facts were being set down for the very first time. As political history this is superlative stuff." Read the full review

The San Francisco Examiner
"Freedom on My a great success. It manages not only to record the inspiring experiences of the white volunteers and black pioneers of the voting rights drive, but also to place those experiences within a larger and more depressing story of power politics at the national level."
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The New York Times
"Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford, who together produced and directed "Freedom on My Mind," have created the best kind of historical record -- one that resonates today." Read the full review
The Village Voice
"Freedom On My Mind recounts the drama of the Mississippi Voter Registration Project with a focused intensity that's alternately sobering and exhilarated." Read the full review
"Telling the dramatic story of the Mississippi voter registration project from 1961 to 1964, "Freedom On My Mind" is a landmark documentary that chronicles the most tumultuous and significant years in the history of the civil rights movement. A must see." Read the full review
The Washington Post Weekend
"To sit through this two-hour film is to vicariously experience-or re-experience-a time of courage and fear, empowerment and subjugation, interracial coalition and bitter division." Read the full review

Doug McAdam, Professor of Sociology, University of Arizona and author of "Freedom Summer"
"Freedom On My Mind is a rich, provocative, and deeply moving film that deserves the widest possible audience. An altogether exceptional achievement."

Dr. Clayborne Carson, Professor of History, Stanford University
"A splendid achievement...In its dramatic effectiveness and historical acuity, Freedom On My Mind, surpasses all previous documentaries on the southern struggle, including the remarkable 'Eyes On The Prize' series."
Leon F. Litwack, Professor of History, UC Berkeley
"No documentary film has captured as eloquently and as dramatically that moment in the history of Mississippi when for a number of its citizens a commitment to racial justice became a moral imperative. The struggle they waged and what happened to their vision and expectations makes for a compelling and eloquent film. This is history at its very best, when it is at the same time illuminating, entertaining, and disturbing."
Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times film critic
"The powerful Freedom On My Mind is a vivid and informative evocation of the Mississippi Voter Registration Project of the early 1960's. Freedom combines archival footage and contemporary interviews in a way that is both thoughtful and passionate. This spirited look at the spirited time evokes a struggle whose enormity we have largely forgotten."
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