Have You Heard From Johannesburg - Seven Stories of the GLOBAL anti-apartheid movement

The Participants

Gavin Anderson (Colgate-Palmolive Vice President)
Rona Bailey (Citizens Association For Racial Equality)
Reverend Trond Bakkevig (World Council of Churches)
Chris Ball (Barclays Bank South Africa)
Danisa Baloyi (Coalition for a Free South Africa, Columbia University)
Mary Benson (Africa Bureau; IDAF)
Sir Timothy Bevan (Chairman, Barclays Bank)
Tony Bloom (Premier Group CEO; Board of Barclays Bank South Africa)
Reverend Allan Boesak (World Alliance of Reformed Churches; South African Council of Churches; UDF)
Roelof “Pik” Botha (South African Foreign Minister)
Jim Boyce (Australian rugby player; anti-apartheid activist; IDAF)
Conny Braam (Anti-Apartheidsbeweging Nederland)
Margaret Brink (Black Sash; Australian Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Dennis Brutus (South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee)
Meredith Burgmann (Australian Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Amina Cachalia (Indian Youth Congress; South African Indian Congress, Federation of South African Women)
Cheryl Carolus (South African Black Students Association; South African Students' Organization; UDF; Federation of South African Women, ANC)
Dame Barbara Castle (British Anti-Apartheid Movement; Member of Parliament)
Thembi Cele (Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College teacher)
John Cleary (Australian sports reporter)
Diana Collins (Council of Christian Action; IDAF)
Cecelie Counts (TransAfrica; Free South Africa Movement)
Birgitta Dahl (Social Democratic Party; Speaker of Parliament, Sweden)
Jennifer Davis (American Committee On Africa, The Africa Fund)
David De Beer (KAIROS)
Ethel De Keyser (British Anti-Apartheid Movement; IDAF)
Les De Villiers (South African Department of Information)
Ron Dellums (U.S. Representative; Congressional Black Caucus)
Jacqueline Derens (Rencontre Nationale Contre L’Apartheid)
Charles Diggs (U.S. Representative; Congressional Black Caucus)
Ron Don (New Zealand Rugby Union)
Adwoa Dunn-Mouton (Southern African Support Committee; Staff of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa)
Barend du Plessis (Minister of Finance; National Party)
Kent Durr (South African Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry; Member of Parliament)
Hans Ester (South Africa Friendship Association)
Ripeka Evans (Halt All Racist Tours)
Walter Fauntroy (U.S. Representative; Congressional Black Caucus)
Martin Fishgold (SSEU Local 371 "Unionist" newspaper editor)
Gary Foley (Aboriginal and anti-apartheid activist)
Malcolm Fraser (Australian Prime Minister; Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group)
Eddie Funde (African National Congress)
Irene Gale (Campaign Against Racial Exploitation)
Fons Geerlings (Anti-Apartheidsbeweging Nederland)
Gerrie Germishuys (South African Springbok rugby player)
Frene Ginwala (African National Congress)
Tony Glover (Coalition for a Free South Africa, Columbia University)
Harrison Goldin (New York City Comptroller, New York City Chief Financial Officer)
Øystein Gudim (Norwegian Council For Southern Africa)
Christabel Gurney (British Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Peter Hain (Stop The Seventy Tour Campaign)
John Halfpenny (Australian union leader)
Reverend David Haslam (End Loans To South Africa; World Council of Churches)
Bob Hawke (Australian Prime Minister)
Reverend Gunnar Helander (Fund for Victims of Racial Oppression; Swedish South Africa Committee; IDAF)
Richard Hengeveld (Shipping Research Bureau)
Sylvia Hill (TransAfrica; Free South Africa Movement)
Rica Hodgson (South African Communist Party)
George Houser (American Committee on Africa; The Africa Fund)
Lord Robert Hughes (British Anti-Apartheid Movement; Member of Parliament)
Caroline Hunter (Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement)
Syd Jackson (Halt All Racist Tours)
Anders Johansson (Boycott Committee; Swedish South Africa Committee)
Chuck Jones (Polaroid employee)
Conwell Jones (Free South Africa Movement)
Pallo Jordan (Non-European Unity Movement; African National Congress)
Donna Katzin (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility)
Kenneth Kaunda (President of Zambia)
Geoffrey Kelly (Director of Corporate Communications, Barclays Bank)
Amanda Kemp (Stanford Out of South Africa)
David Kenvyn (British Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Dumisani Kumalo (American Committee On Africa; African National Congress)
Mildred Lesiea (United Democratic Front)
Sören Lindh (Stockholm Africa Group; Isolate South Africa Committee)
Bjarne Lindstrom (Foreign Ministry, Norway)
Richard Lugar (U.S. Senator; Senate Foreign Relations Committee)
Mac Maharaj (South African Communist Party; African National Congress; Umkhonto we Sizwe)
Sipho Makana (African National Congress; Umkhonto we Sizwe)
Barbara Masakela (African National Congress)
Elias “Roller” Masinga (South African Students Movement; African National Congress)
Govan Mbeki (African National Congress, South African Communist Party; Umkhonto we Sizwe)
Bill McCune (Polaroid Vice President)
Gay McDougall (Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law)
Peter McGregor (Australian Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Clarence Mini (South African Students Organization; Umkhonto we Sizwe)
John Minto (Halt All Racist Tours)
Abdul Minty (British Anti-Apartheid Movement; World Campaign against Military and Nuclear Collaboration with South Africa)
Billy Modise (African National Congress)
Majakathata Mokoena (South African Students Movement)
Peter Molotsi (Pan Africanist Congress)
Tseke Morathi (Congress of South African Students)
Murphy Morobe (South African Students Movement; Soweto Students' Representative Council; Congress of South African Students; Soweto Youth Congress; General and Allied Worker's Union; UDF)
Billy Nair (Natal Indian Congress; South African Congress of Trade Unions; South African Communist Party; African National Congress; UDF)
Reverend Beyers Naudé (Christian Institute; Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk; South African Council of Churches)
Duma Ndlovu (South African Students Organization)
Tom Newnham (Halt All Racist Tours)
Syd Nomis (South African Springbok rugby player)
Chris Nteta (Mass Divest; Polaroid campaign)
Steve Phillips (Stanford Out of South Africa)
Vella Pillay (South African Communist Party; British Anti-Apartheid Movement; South African Indian Congress)
Keith Quinn (New Zealand sportscaster)
Sir Shridath "Sonny" Ramphal (Secretary-General of the Commonwealth)
Sam Ramsamy (South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee)
E.S. Reddy (United Nations Special Committee on Apartheid)
Reverend Lennart Rënofält (Stockholm Africa Group; IDAF; Isolate South Africa Committee)
Trevor Richards (Halt All Racist Tours)
Dorothy Robinson (British Anti-Apartheid Movement)
Karel Roskam (Comité Zuid-Afrika)
Mohamed Sahnoun (Algerian Permanent Representative to the UN; Organization of African Unity)
Salim Salim (Organization of African Unity; Tanzanian Representative to the UN)
Pierre Schori (Social Democratic Party; Swedish International Development Authority)
G.J. Schutte (South Africa Friendship Association)
Ron Segal (South African Communist Party)
Vladimir Shemiatenkov (Soviet Communist Party International Department)
Vladimir Shubin (Operation Solidarity Movement, Soviet Communist Party)
George Shultz (U.S. Secretary of State)
Albertina Sisulu (African National Congress Women's League; Federation of South African Women; UDF)
Walter Sisulu (African National Congress)
Peter Sluiter (Holland Committee on South Africa)
Damu Smith (Washington Office on Africa; Artists For A Free South Africa)
Tim Smith (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility)
Michael Sovern (Columbia University President)
Reverend Leon Sullivan (General Motors Board Member)
Bill Sutherland (American Committee on Africa)
Sampie Terreblanche (Broederbond; National Party; Theron Commission; South African Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Board)
Mike Terry (British Anti-Apartheid Movement; University of Birmingham Students Union, National Union of Students, International Defense and Aid Fund for Southern Africa)
Joe Thloeloe (Pan Africanist Congress)
Archbishop Desmond Tutu (South African Council of Churches; 1984 Nobel Peace Prize Winner)
Reverend Albert van den Heuvel (Dutch Reform Church; World Council of Churches)
Ed Van Thijn (Mayor of Amsterdam, Holland)
Vesla Vetlesen (Norwegian union leader)
Knut Vollebaek (Norwegian Foreign Minister)
Ger Wagner (CEO, Royal Dutch Shell Group)
Marilyn Waring (Halt All Racist Tours; Member of Parliament [NZ])
Per Wästberg (Fund for Victims of Racial Oppression; IDAF; SIDA)
Julian Wathen (Barclays Bank Executive for International Department)
Peter Wensberg (Polaroid Vice President of Advertising)
David Wirmark (Member of Parliament [SE]; World Assembly of Youth; SIDA)
Howard Wolpe (U.S. Representative; Subcommittee on Africa of the House Foreign Affairs Committee)
Bishop Wilfred Woods (World Council of Churches; Programme to Combat Racism)
Dennis Worrall (South African Ambassador to Australia; South African Ambassador to the United Kingdom)
Reverend Richard Wootton (World Council of Churches)
Lindiwe Zulu (African National Congress; Umkhonto we Sizwe)

The Crew

Producer/Director: Connie Field
Series Editor: Gregory Scharpen
Principal Cinematography: Tom Hurwitz
Principal Historical Consultants: Dr. Gail Gerhart, Dr. Robert Edgar, Dr. Clayborne Carson, E.S. Reddy
Principal Funders: The Ford Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The National Endowment For The Humanities
Outreach Partners: Steps International, Active Voice

Editors: Jeffrey Stephens, Ken Schneider, Dawn Logsdon, Gary Weimberg
Writers: Ken Chowder, Jon Else, Connie Field, Gregory Scharpen, Jim DeVinney, Sharon Wood
Composers: Marco d’Ambrosio, Todd Boekelheide
Narrators: Mmaboshadi M. Chauke, Alfre Woodard, Awele Makeba

Contributing Editors: Michael Chandler, Jean-Philippe Boucicaut, Bob Dalva, Jay Boekelheide
Additional Cinematography: Vicente Franco, Nancy Schreiber, Ian Watts, David Forbes, Joan Churchill
Associate Producers: Joanne L. Elgart, Ruthie Sakheim, Carla Healy-London, Jessica Viola, Jennifer Ho, Sage Brucia

Advisors: Ben Carton, Ben Schiff, Bill Minter, Brenda Gayle Plummer, Charles Ville Vencenio, Colin Bundy, David Dorward, Donald Denoon, Duco Hellema, George Fredrickson, Immanuel Wallerstein, James Stewart, Jan Love, Jock Phillips, John Daniel, Leonard Thompson, Lewis Baldwin, Mzamov Mangaliso, Pekka Peltola, Prexy Nesbitt, Richard Lapchick, Robert Holland, Ron Walters, Shula Marks, Steve Weisman, Tor Sellstrom, Tore Linne Ericksson

Assistant Editors: Aaron Barry, Sage Brucia, Molly Snyder-Fink, Joffrey Grosdidier, Tyra Turner
Assistants to the Producer: Miri Nussbaum, Nadine Wymot
Archival Research: Lynn Adler, Sage Brucia, Elizabeth Klinck, Nick Aquilino
Archival Rights: Lynn Adler
Archival Rights Assistant: Frank Kimball
Archival Organization: Leslie Walsh, Saidah Said, Gregory Sharpen
Archival Logging: Mimi Anderson, Mica Blondet, Sarah Reilly, Julia Robertson, Gina LeBrecht
Transcribing: Wendy Shurtliff, Emily Ellis, Frank Kimball

Graphic Design: Dawn Kimberlyn, Sage Brucia, Mat Baldwin, Aleixo Goncalves, Ben Brunetti, Ramiro Sagura, Colin Blackshear, Brodie Giles, Casey Wedding, Shaun Tiangsing, Justin Ringgold-Lockhart

Music Clearance: Brooke Wentz, The Rights Workshop

Post Production Sound: Berkeley Sound Artists
Mixers: James LeBrecht, Dan Olmsted
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HD Post Production Video Service: Video Arts
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